Good Morning,

A couple frost delays on back to back mornings has really brought the taste of fall into the air.  The frost is a little heavier this morning than it was yesterday.  It will help slow the growth of the turfgrass a little as we finish another week.  We have a golf event starting at 10:00 AM this morning that will last the majority of the day.

This past week we spent quite a bit of time working on our sand traps.  Rain and irrigation cause the sand to move from the face of the sand trap down to the lowest level.  This generally leaves the majority of the sand sitting in the bottom of the trap.  We used our trap rakes to blade the sand up to the face on each sand trap around the golf course.  Below are a couple of pictures of the #5 greenside trap upon completion:

 #5 trap finish (1).jpg
 #5 trap finish (2).jpg

The sand trap construction shaped the area into a bowl concept.  This allows the golf ball to roll into the sand traps and not stop on an edge creating a very difficult shot.  Unfortunately rocks are always pushing up through the soil and contaminating the sand.  It’s no different than a farm field.  We were able to remove the majority of the small rocks out of most of the sand traps.  We still have a couple more to finish.

Mowing schedules took up the remainder of our work week.  We mowed fairways a couple times last week as well as tees.  Greens were mowed every morning except Sunday.  Rough is kind of a constant process trying to keep it mowed down and also mulching as many leaves as possible.  This coming week I look for our mowing to slow down a little bit.

Staff will continue to work on the project list I shared with you last week.  We have a lot of projects and look forward to completing as many as possible.  Enjoy this beautiful day as we complete our weekend. .

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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