Good Morning,

A wild and crazy week has come to an end.  Last Sunday we had seven inches of snow covering the ground and I was feeling comfortable with the insulation blanket on the turf for the winter.  A few days later we have 65 degree weather with 70 mph winds and half an inch of rain.  Not so comfortable anymore. 

What a chilling weather pattern that was Wednesday night.  The warm temperatures removed the snow from the golf course mid afternoon.  The heavy rain and melting snow filled our irrigation pond and waterways from the surface moisture.  Then the high winds dried the moisture out of the top of the soil profile.  Moisture is so important for the golf course during the winter months.

We lost a lot more of the new sand and quite a few tree branches during the high winds and severe thunderstorm.  It was such a great project to finish hauling sand to all the traps then have it affected by Mother Nature.  Scary weather but nothing major in the scope of things.  Staff and I will plan to haul more sand in the spring.

Tuesday I attended a seminar sponsored by the Minnesota Golf Course Superintendents Association.  This event was held in Marshall, Mn.  Eric Watkins, U of Mn professor in the turf department, covered some great topics ranging from germinating bentgrass in colder spring temperatures, irrigation monitoring, and a winter turfgrass study.  
The Spencer Municipal Golf Course is one of the sites for their winter turfgrass study.  The majority of golf courses participating are in the upper midwest of the United States, but they stretch into Canada and as far east as Finland.  The study consists oft a submission of data and pictures every Monday around 1:00 PM.  The data will be used to better understand how turfgrass is affected by ice, snow, and colder temperatures.

I have continued to work on cleaning and organizing the clubhouse.  Both of our ice machines have been cleaned and sanitized in preparation for the upcoming season.  C&D Refrigeration was on site to complete some preventive maintenance as well.  Floors and bathrooms have been scrubbed, cleaned, and sanitized.  Walls, cupboards, and cabinets have been organized, cleaned, and sanitized.  It’s a lengthy process but it’s making a big difference.

Reels were removed from all the mowers and preparation work is being done to start the sharpening process.  The old bedknives are removed from each reel and a new one screwed onto the bracket.  Next week I will start the reel and bedknife sharpening process.  This is done annually to produce a uniform high quality of cut which helps limit turfgrass stress.

The clubhouse will remain open the upcoming week, so golfers can purchase gift certificates or pay their 2022 dues.  If I am not in the clubhouse get in touch with me and we can make arrangements to meet or I can assist with an online payment.

I wish each and every one of you a joyous and happy holiday season!  

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations
City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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