Good Morning

The past week brought warmer temperatures and more wind to the area. The snow is slowly melting from the golf course leaving the turfgrass exposed to the elements. The majority of the greens still have decent snow cover but we are well behind the average precipitation totals. There is still a lot of dryness where the lightest snow accumulation was present on the greens.

The rain shower Thursday evening definitely helped. We received .25” of rain total. Below is a photo of the 18th green on Thursday. After the rain there was very little snow left on the course Friday morning.

18 green snow cover 2-9-22.jpg

With so little precipitation it will most likely be another season where the irrigation system is running extra hours in the months of April and May. The tiles are running very slowly into the irrigation pond which will also require the well to run a lot sooner than normal to keep the irrigation pond level high enough to satisfy our irrigation needs.

I continued to work on several maintenance repairs in the shop. The majority of our equipment is ready to go for the 2022 golf season. I am still waiting on a few parts on backorder and I will be finished with all major repairs. There are still some minor repair projects that will be completed during the set up of each mower.

Our Tyler Parks and Recreation software is still not ready to be introduced to the clubhouse. We are waiting for Tyler Technologies to complete the necessary action on their end that will ensure the software runs smoothly with no errors. This new software will allow the golf course staff to better manage our customers upon registration.

The customer will eventually be able to login to the site and enter their personal profile information as a member at the golf course. In the meantime, until the software glitches are corrected I manually enter this information for each individual as the fees are paid for the season. To date, everyone that has paid for the 2022 season has been updated onto the program.

I met with our finance officer Brian Weuve and city manager Dan Gifford to go through the proposed 22/23 budget for the golf course. The entire city budget will be presented to the finance committee next week before it is introduced to the city council for approval. The main change for the upcoming budget is an increase in part time wages.

The initial steps have begun to start the hiring process for the golf course in 2022. At the end of next week we will advertise for a couple openings in the clubhouse. We are a month away from starting to entertain the idea of possibly opening the golf course. It won’t be long!

I will be out of the office for the first couple of days this coming week. I will be available by email and sometimes phone if there are questions or more information is needed on a topic. Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301


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