Good Morning,

The past week continued to be ruled by Mother Nature.  On Thursday we hit 94 degrees followed by 34 degrees this morning.  The turfgrass continues to go through temperature shifts making it difficult for bentgrass greens to adjust.  Greens were fertilized Friday morning with a granular 18-9-18 which will assist with root development and provide adequate nutrients to assist the health of the plant.  Our Providence bentgrass greens should start looking “green” later this coming week.

 5-22-22 frost (2).jpg

The irrigation system has continued to keep us on our toes each day.  We have replaced over three dozen broken bleeder valves and now started repairing damaged pipes.  When irrigation damage is on the lateral side it is easier to repair.  The valve remains shut and the line is not under pressure.  A lot of hand digging, bailing water, followed by replacement pipe remedies the situation.  

 #5F13 lateral leak.jpg

When the problem is on the main line side of the valve it creates a whole new monster.  The system needs to be shut down and the area of the course is limited by shutting down large isolation valves or just draining the main lines.  Regardless, pumping a lot of water out of the area is time consuming and messy.  This line cracked on the main line north of #16 green.  It was a mess but we finished the repair process yesterday and are ready for irrigation tonight.

 #17T1 leak (2).jpg

 #17T1 leak.jpg

We have a large population of dandelions all over the golf course.  Controlling broadleaf weeds is high on the priority list at The Muni.  Please be patient during this process.  Conditions need to be less than 10 mph winds and no chance of precipitation in order to spray.  Also, there is only one certified applicator at the golf course.  It will take time but the 165 acres of golf course turf will eventually be treated.

Staff has been very busy with day to day clubhouse operations, mowing practices, as well as dealing with all the other issues.  A lot of hard work by the grounds crew has kept the golf course looking great.  The clubhouse staff is always on top of their game welcoming golfers each day.  I very much appreciate their hard work and the amount of pride these employees show day to day.  Thank you!

This coming week spraying greens, herbicide applications, treating ponds, and normal daily maintenance will be on the agenda.  If you have questions please contact me and I can provide further information.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  Congratulations to the 2022 graduates and their families!  Best of luck on the next step!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301



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