Good Morning,

The cooler temperatures have been a welcome feeling and the turfgrass sure can tell a difference.  We had a few rain showers this past week that brought the seven day total to about 1/2″ of precipitation.  The rainfall was not a lot but it also helped the golf course quite a bit.  There were definitely no water puddles standing on the golf course.

We started working on sand traps this past week.  The three practice traps were all cleaned up and edged.  There was quite a bit of crabgrass in some of these areas and that was all removed.  We string trimmed around the sand traps on the golf course and started removing small rocks and other debris.  We will start edging these sand traps and pushing sand to the face of each trap in the coming weeks.

 practice tee traps.jpg

I still plan to add sand to each one of the traps at the golf course.  We lost all the new sand over the winter months last off season.  I think if we go with a little bit heavier material we can work it into the existing sand and have better luck keeping it in the traps.  This project will happen in the future as time allows.

Our Tuesday morning ladies league held their end of the year tournament.  We also hosted the YMCA fundraiser on Friday.  This coming week we will be hosting C&B Operations holding a customer appreciation golf event tomorrow afternoon.  Thursday evening is the high school cross country meet.  Friday will be the ServPro first responder event.  Lastly, the men’s league tournament will be held on Sunday.  

 we love golf.jpg

School will be starting this week and quite a bit of our staff will no longer be available to work at The Muni.  A couple new employees have been hired for evenings and weekends.  However, we are still short on daytime clubhouse hours.  We will be covering these hours as best as we possibly can so please be patient with us if it’s busy.  Lots of golf events are still scheduled for the remainder of this month and September.

The city of Spencer has been making plans to help control the presence of Emerald Ash Borer in our community.  Several trees have already been removed in parks and along our city street.  The golf course is ordering the equipment and materials to treat some of the trees on the golf course.  I will be training with this equipment in the next couple of weeks.  Select trees will be treated as we move forward.  Hopefully this will limit the loss of trees outlining our golf course.

Please contact me with any questions or if more information is needed on a topic.  Enjoy the beautiful weather remaining this weekend!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301




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