Good Morning,

The past week golf course staff got started on several of our fall projects.  Our first priority has been the issues with the well and the limited amount of irrigation supply in the pond for the remainder of the season.  The well pump has been functioning at about 10% of the 300 gallon per minute normal output.  This has left us with a limited irrigation source with the focus only on supplying irrigation to our greens.Milford Well Service was on site Thursday afternoon and started the removal process.  It took a long time to gain access to the well.  The steel casing was not cooperative and a torch was used to remove the top.  The next step was to start removing the pipe and the well pump.  By the end of the evening they finished this process.
After assessing the situation everything below water level needs to be replaced.  

It is approximately 140 feet to water and the well is roughly 220 feet deep.  Our well and everything in it are 23 years old.  The pump and piping have exceeded life expectancy.  Jim Bachman, from Milford Well Service, will meet with me this coming week to get some figures to get our well back to functioning. 
Here are a few photos showing the well pump damages as well as the piping:

 well pipe.jpg

 well pump.JPG

 well pump (2).JPG

Another high priority project is the leaking pond on #10.  Kevin Robinson and cemetery staff were on site to use their mini excavator to locate the tile underneath the pond on #10.  The tile has been exposed and we will move forward with this project to eliminate the leak in the pond.  

 #10 tile 10-6-22.jpg

 #10 pond tile 10-6-22.jpg

 #10 tile clean up 10-6-22.jpg

This tile line is part of the county tile located next to the bridge on #12.  It previously ran underground from #12 all the way to the area behind #9 green.  The tile was supposed to be capped and sealed during construction in 1999.  We will cap and seal the tile and it will not affect its usability moving forward.    
This coming week we will start the removal of the damaged cart path behind #12 green.  The cart paths will also be extended from the tee boxes to fairway on holes #13 and #15.  The street division will be assisting us with the removal of material and crushed concrete or asphalt millings will be added to create the cart path surface.
Tomorrow morning we will be hosting our first ever 55+ four person best shot golf tournament.  It looks like the weather will be nice and we have a lot of golfers signed up.  It should be a fun event!
Please get in touch if you have any questions.  Enjoy the remainder of the weekend!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301




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