Good Morning,

The past week started off with a lot of snow removal around the clubhouse and maintenance shed properties.  The sidewalks and parking lots were cleared of snow to allow all the clubhouse exits to be used.  The parking lot and fire hydrant were cleared in case of an emergency so responders can access the property easily and effectively.

I worked with our beer distributors to have our inventory exchanged to eliminate the possibility of expiration dates coming into play.  The golf course closed in early November in comparison to mid December for the 2022 golf season.  This affected the total beer sales and left us with additional inventory this fall.  

We have events scheduled in the clubhouse for the next two weekends.  The golf simulator is also scheduled for a couple of dates this week.  I am currently trying to establish a set schedule for open dates in the clubhouse for simulator use.  This process involves part time staff as well as myself covering these shifts.

I will be away on vacation for the majority of this coming week.  I will be back to work for the event on Saturday.  My time away will involve a lot of hiking and zero snow.  Below is a picture of a weather comparison and a start to the hiking sessions:

 Iowa to Az..JPG

 Hiking Time.jpg

I have updated the weekly winter turfgrass survey information for the University of Minnesota study.  This includes our weekly weather conditions along with data collection from the weather sensors underground on the practice green.

Enjoy the day everyone and let me know if there is further information I might be able to provide. 

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301




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