Good Morning,

This past week I was on vacation but did return in time to host an event in the clubhouse yesterday.  I am glad I missed out on the snow and cold temperatures at least for a little bit of time.  I didn’t play any golf, but I did do a lot of hiking in the mountains which I always love so much.  I attached a few pictures of the last day of hiking if you want to see the scenery.

 Last Hike.jpg

 Last Hike 2.jpg

 Last Hike 3.jpg

 The Sunset.jpg

 The schedule for the upcoming week will be to discuss golf course budget items and also to work on the Capital Improvement Plan purchases.  The Capital Improvement Plan focuses on the 23/24 budget but also schedules consideration for the four years following.  

Some of these equipment purchases include turf equipment ordered last summer.  Since COVID hit everyone feels the effect of delayed ordering status for almost everything.  Turf equipment is no different with it being 12-18 months out at the time of ordering.  It makes it difficult to forecast what these costs will be moving forward.  In the past two years there has been about a 20% increase in most turf equipment.

I would like to thank Public Works, the street division, and Mark Lawson for assisting with snow removal and ice on the golf course parking lots and sidewalks.  They helped clear the snow and control the slippery surfaces for the safety of the people attending the event last night.  Thank you very much to you guys!

The snow cover is always a great security blanket for the turfgrass at the golf course.  It provides insulation to the turf and prevents winter turfgrass desiccation.  The past few years have been very stressful on the turfgrass with minimal precipitation during the season and little snowfall in the winter.  I think we can all agree we have had enough snowfall for this off season.  I’m ready for it to stop snowing.

I will continue to work on equipment repairs and planning 2023 weekly maintenance schedules for the upcoming season.  We will have a couple of new faces working on the grounds as well as in the clubhouse.  Spring is right around the corner even though the corner might seem a long way away.

Enjoy the remainder of your weekend and please contact me with any questions, comments, or further information on a topic. 

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301




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