Good Morning,

The past week started off with .4″ of rainfall, lots of snow melting, and heavy surface drainage running throughout SW Spencer.  I very much appreciated everyone who reached out to me or city hall with concerns of flooding along 4th Ave SW and the Stoneybrook housing.  We were able to coordinate with Public Works to develop a game plan and proceed with controlling the situation very quickly.

Substantial winter snowfall leads to a lot of concerns once it starts melting.  When rainfall gets added to the equation it speeds the process up and creates a damming effect in all our waterways.  One of the biggest problem areas was all the snow pushed into the ditch along 4th Ave SW.  This created a giant cork that would not allow water to flow through the tiles and drains.  

 4th Ave SW (2) 2-27-23.jpg

 #15 tee drainage area 2-27-23.jpg

Three excavators were brought onto the property and the process of cleaning out the ditch was under way.  This allowed the tiles and surface drainage to flow freely through the area and standing water levels subsided.  It was a great job done by Public Works in an extremely timely manner.

 Snow Removal 2-27-23.jpg

 4th Ave SW 2-27-23.jpg

Warmer temperatures continue to lessen the amount of snowfall around the golf course.  This is always a very concerning time for me due to the heavy presence of ice throughout the grounds especially on the greens.  It’s so surprising as I look at pictures taken every three or four days to actually visualize the progress of the melting process through Mother Nature.

 #13 on 2-27-23.jpg

 #12 3-2-23.jpg

 PG on 3-4-23.jpg

 #18 on 3-4-23.jpg

I had golfers scheduled on the simulator Wednesday afternoon and Saturday night this past week.  For the future, I would like to set a schedule for clubhouse hours during the off season.  This will take some work to have part time staffing available to make this schedule work.  As for now I am trying to be available as much as possible for simulator reservations.

This upcoming week will be the completion of my Advanced EMT course through ILCC for the Spencer Fire Department.  It has been a very long course but so well worth every minute.  I was fortunate to be allowed to do clinical hours at Spencer Hospital the past several weeks.  Their staff was so amazing with offering advice and educating me.  I look forward to applying these skills within our community during times of need.

I will be attending the South Dakota Turf Conference for a couple of days.  This is another great opportunity to listen to some of the best speakers available in the turf industry and more importantly the networking opportunities are endless.  

I have moved the golf board meeting to Monday, March 13 since I will be gone to the conference on March 6, the regularly scheduled meeting time.  If we cannot get enough members together to make this meeting happen then I will send out an email update covering all agenda items and ask for individual feedback from the golf board.

Enjoy the remainder of the weekend.  Spring is inching closer day by day.  I’m still hopeful my opening date prediction of March 29 is possible.  If it doesn’t happen I will simply blame it on the weather!  Have a great day!

Brian C Mohr

Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer

101 W 5th Street

Spencer Municipal Golf Course

Spencer, Iowa 51301




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