Another week is in the books at the golf course.  Time is going by so quickly.  A person always needs to remember to slow down and enjoy what is around them each day.  I can tell you that I totally enjoy the early mornings and late evenings at the golf course.  The sun coming or going on the horizon, the sounds of nature, the peacefulness in the air….it all brings a calming sensation.  I love the golf course.
We are slowly getting through our list of problems and projects.  The biggest issue is still the tile situation on #16.  We will begin working on this area early this coming week.  The first step will be to start filling the tire tracks with topsoil.  Second step, remove the damaged cart path and add crushed concrete.
The retention pond, east of the golf course, is set to begin Monday.  The topsoil and fill materials will be stockpiled on the south end of the golf course.  This will give us the ability to raise this out of play area back to proper grade and use the topsoil to repair the tire ruts on #16.
In the next few weeks, we will start working on building the berms in five and eleven fairways.  These are part of the water quality plan that ties into the retention pond east of the golf course.  It will take us some time, but doing this in house will help eliminate more damage to the course.
Some of the fill material will be used to construct a small dike along the stream of number ten.  There are several areas where the overflow washes onto the golf course and creates a problem.  By establishing this small dike it will keep the water in the stream and allow us to maintain the area more effectively.
The pond on number ten is starting to fill with algae.  This is an annual problem once we get into the summer months.  I will be treating this area with copper sulphate to eliminate the algae presence.  It will take a couple of applications but will definitely take care of the issue.
Lastly, our budget is coming to a close here in a few weeks.  It has been a challenge this spring.  Obviously our golf season was shortened by the poor weather in March and April.  Currently, I am trying to collect all fees that are not paid in full by our golfers.  This will be essential to operating at a profit for this current budget.

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