The irrigation system continues to be a challenge as does the stressed turf from all the flooding and saturated soils.  There are many electrical issues that keep arising due to so many valve boxes filled with water.  The majority of these issues happen on number three, five, six, and ten fairways.  Valve boxes are filled with water on all of these holes and periodically short out the irrigation system.  The only real solution is to go through every box, on the course, and replace all the wire nuts and protective tubing.  This is my planned project for this fall.
These same fairways are the most stressed from the high moisture content all year long.  The constant rains have stressed the turfgrass and also left the root systems very shallow.  There has been plenty of moisture in the soil so the root system has not expanded leaving the plant very vulnerable for stress.  The latest fertilizer application will help alleviate some of this issue, but it will take a little time.
With all the irrigation problems, it creates a lot of manual operating of the irrigation system during the night hours.  Last night I was able to get this pump up and running to about 80%.  I have spent more time running through stations manually, due to electrical issues.  I feel just about as stressed out as the turfgrass with weather patterns for this season followed by nonstop irrigation issues since opening day.  It has been a long year and hopefully there are good days ahead.

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