Good Evening,
I have been experiencing some irrigation issues with programming.  The time tables are set for the amount of time each station runs during the night but for some reason keep resetting to the default time once the stations are turned on at night.  I think I have finally figured it out tonight.  It appears they are working properly at this time.  I will monitor them for a while longer before calling it a night.
Last week we were able to fertilize all the fairways and tees with a nice formula of fertilizer, 30-0-12.  This was completed on Tuesday morning and the process was completed just before the morning rain arrived.  The fairways and tees were not mowed the remainder of the week in order to let the fertilizer work it’s way into the turf canopy so it is not damaged from the mowers.
Another big project is the repair process on several of the greens.  This damage was caused by standing/freezing water in the low areas.  Seeding attempts failed due to the constant spring rainfall.  Several hundred plugs of bentgrass were removed from the practice green and transplanted into these areas.  We have followed this process by hand topdressing.  Adding the topdressing gives the bentgrass some soil to grow into as the rhizomes spread out from the plant.  I’m very pleased with the progress.
Today we hosted the SGOWA early in the morning.  It was a great day with 88 golfers participating.  They all had a good time and enjoyed the meal I prepared for their lunch.  Once the seniors were finished there was a lot of open play prior to our Monday evening league.
We are starting off the first couple weeks of the new budget pretty well.  It would be nice to have an entire year work out with quality weather and solid revenues.
Please feel free to contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.  Enjoy the week that lies ahead.

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