Good Morning,
This past week we finally received a break in the temperature and a few drops of rain fell on Friday morning.  The golf course is very dry and the irrigation system is working overtime trying to keep up.  These cooler temperatures will help the grass recover in a lot of the stressed areas.  It will also make it a lot more tolerable to be outside.  Now we wait for some rain.
The golf course is in pretty nice shape when you factor in all the elements we have dealt with on a daily basis.  Drought conditions and high temperatures make it very difficult to maintain a golf course from a turf stand point.  Then factor in COVID 19  I’m afraid to even look at the number of days over 90 degrees the past two months.  I’m also nervous to see how far behind schedule we are on precipitation.  It has been a crazy 2020 to say the least.
I sprayed our tees for the control of crabgrass and other weeds present.  The crabgrass was creeping in from the tee surrounds and needed to be controlled before it advances to the next tiller stage.  It is already starting to turn a nice shade of light brown and will soon be gone.  This coming week I will continue to address herbicide applications around the course along with normal green applications of wetting agent, fertilizer, and fungicide.
About a month ago I treated areas of our fairways and tees with an insecticide to control the grub population in the turf.  Each year we start to see a lot of skunk damage as they start digging for grubs in the nighttime hours.  The insecticide application has really limited the skunks crossing through the golf course looking for a snack.  There has been a little bit of skunk damage on #2 and #17 fairways but we are in a lot better shape than last year.
There have been several golf events the past week at The Muni.  Friday was a very special golf event conducted by ServPro.  They had hole sponsors, a wonderful lunch, and cash prizes going to the winning departments.  Ryan Brooks and Jason Lindsey contacted businesses to sponsor different departments around our area.  These consisted of first responders representing police, fire, hospital, dispatch, etc.  The hole sponsors allowed the golfers to play for no charge and have an enjoyable day away from the line of duty.  I’m expecting an article in The Daily Reporter soon with more information.
Today we are holding our end of the season men’s league golf tournament for Wednesday and Thursday evening leagues.  Tee times will be starting at 9:00 and the players will compete for league championships in three different flights.  What a beautiful morning for some golf.
Please enjoy the remainder of this gorgeous weekend.  Contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns so they can be addressed in a timely manner.

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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