Good Morning,

The past week I continued to work on equipment in the maintenance facility.  Our five year Capital Improvement Plan will eventually replace the majority of our equipment over the next five years.  If the plan is approved we will be adding ten new rental carts to our fleet this season.  This addition will help us accommodate more golfers during events and busy times of the season.  This past season our 20 rental carts were rented out by noon on the weekends and golfers were waiting for carts to come in off the course.  This will definitely be a helpful addition.

Our rental cart revenue, from July through December 2020 was the highest it has ever been.  Twenty plus years ago we leased our cart rentals on an annual basis.  After a lot of research the decision was made to purchase our rental carts and discontinue the lease option.  This decision has proved to be an outstanding financial investment for the golf course.  Our rental carts get a lot of use during the season. 

The golf course budget is close to being finished for 2021/22.  There will not be much change in the bottom line of the budget.  One change will be the wage of our part time employees.  Part time wages have been adjusted to show consistency throughout all the departments.  This will be a nice adjustment for the staff that puts in the hard work on the grounds and in the clubhouse.  The budget will be shared with the golf board then presented to the council in early March.

In the upcoming week I will complete the reel sharpening process and continue to work on equipment.  I will be leaving for vacation on January 17.  I’m looking forward to time away and I’m also excited for the great things 2021 is going to bring to our golfers. 

Brian C Mohr

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