This week I have been busy with plans for the 2017 golf season.  The biggest of those plans is the 2018 Water Quality Improvement Plan for the south end of Spencer.  This plan will include the drainage area west of the golf course, east of the irrigation pond, and the surrounds of the irrigation pond.  I spent time studying the proposed plans, from Jim Thiesse, and met with him for much discussion.
I am trying to cooperate as much as possible and while minimizing the impact on the golf course.  Jim has proposed the overall plan, that will affect the golf course, and welcomed input from my stand point.  I agree with the entire concept that Jim is proposing and he will allow me to oversee some areas.
The overall project will not include any pond dredging.  The State did not feel it was the most effective use of monies.  The main areas include raising the pump house, adding some berms on five fairway and eleven fairway, installing tile lines, repairing existing tile lines, controlled release of water from the irrigation pond and twelve pond, and dirt work.
My staff and I will complete the berm work on number five fairway and the majority of the berm work on eleven fairway.  These areas will have the sod removed, fill material added, grading completed, and sod over the completed project.  Jim will establish grading stakes to these areas and we will complete the work to his specifications, on our time schedule, and with minimal disruption to play.
The other area of supervision will be the raising of the pump house 24 inches.  The control panels will be removed from the north wall and the building will be removed from the foundation, by the contractor.  A two foot concrete form will be constructed around the perimeter of the foundation.  The building will then be reset on this new form all with minimal disruption to the irrigation system.
The work performed by the golf course will be completed prior to the start of the contracted work beginning late fall.  They will also reset the bridge on twelve and reinforce the surrounding area to eliminate erosion.  The pump house will also have fill material added around the perimeter to help reduce erosion.
There is a lot of information here, so I wanted to send it separately from my weekly email update this week.  Please contact me with any comments, questions, or concerns.  Enjoy your day!

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