May 13, 2018

The past couple days have been a little cold and dreary.  However, today looks like we will have some great golf weather.  The course is very wet and very green from the rain this past week.  Overall, everything is holding up and I am pleased with the course condition.
The heavy rainfall on Thursday night really gave us an opportunity to see how the water quality project functioned.  This was the first time the water reservoirs filled up, to the east of the golf course, and overflowed through the culverts.
Our small pond, behind twelve green, was filled to capacity and the overflow helped hold the water in place for a longer period of time.  The irrigation pond was filled close to the concrete overflow behind the green and was draining at a controlled pace.  I’m impressed with the total water quality project.
My only real issue continues to be on number ten fairway.  This small pond and waterway need to have some work done on the east side to keep the water from flowing onto the course.  It will be a nice project for the grounds staff to complete this season.
Grass seed is really starting to take off in the areas we repaired.  New sod is transitioning wonderfully into the new season.  We still have some washout areas that we will repair and add some new sod.  We will address these areas as soon as we can order sod from Del’s Garden Center.
My biggest accomplishment of the week has been the electrical repair process on the irrigation system.  This has been very time consuming as well as frustrating.  There were a total of seven electrical shorts around the course, two bad solenoids, and four bad decoders.  I’m not an electrician but thank God I drive by a Holiday Inn Express everyday.
I can never reiterate how positive the working relationship is between Ryan Lux, at the Country Club, and myself.  I was able to help mow rough at the Country Club in preparation for the sectional golf meet on Thursday.  I was so fortunate to have Ryan come out to the muni and help me with the electrical issues on the irrigation system.
I will be filling the irrigation system on Monday.  Also, the last of the few electrical replacement parts will be installed.  Hopefully there will be a minimal amount of irrigation leaks around the course.  What a crazy spring to be opening the irrigation system in the middle of May.
Lastly, our 2018 yardage books are being handed out to all season pass holders.  I am currently working through some billing issues with this company out of Arizona.  I am advising any local advertisers to make no payment at this time and to please contact me with questions.  I hope to have it resolved on Monday.
It’s time to put the winter clothes on and go mow the greens.  Please get in touch with me if you have questions, comments, or concerns.  A very Happy Mother’s day to you wonderful ladies.  Behind every good man, there is a great woman!

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