Good Morning,
It has definitely been another busy week at The Muni.  The maintenance staff has spent a lot of time trying to stay on top of mowing schedules.  It never seems to end. We finish mowing one day and start back over again the next.
The high temperatures and wind have taken a toll on the turfgrass.  I sprayed a wetting agent, foliar fertilizer, and fungicide application on the greens Saturday morning.  The wetting agent will help hold the moisture in the top of the soil profile.  A lot of drying out is occurring on the collars and some greens.  I plan to aerify the greens very soon with needle tines to help move the water into the soil profile through the surface.
Last night I had issues in the pumphouse with the lag pump intake.  I worked on it for close to two hours but could not get the line to stay primed.  This forced me to operate the system at 50% overnight.  I irrigated the greens and tees heavily and made it through the cycle for the approaches as well.  I’m still running some irrigation now and plan to remove the intake shortly to check on the foot valve.  The problem most likely will only be resolved with a new foot valve.
We hosted the first day of the Carl Spacklar golf event yesterday.  We are hosting day two this morning.  This event was moved to a tee time format over two days because of operating provision.  This is not a muni event.  It is a private event that generates a lot of revenue each year.  We look forward to another smooth day with staff and golfers.
We have dealt with some equipment issues this past week.  One of the rough units was transported to the Street Division on Friday.  They have not yet resolved the issue.  I was able to make some necessary repairs to the sprayer yesterday.  All of our equipment has been overheating with the extreme temperatures.  We have to blow the radiators out frequently and sometimes pull to the side and let them cool down in the shade.  It’s been a battle but we are pushing forward.
I hope each of you enjoy the remainder of your weekend.  Please let me know if there are any comments or questions?  “Swing easy today ’cause it’s gonna be breezy!”

Brian C Mohr
Director of Golf Operations

City of Spencer
Spencer Municipal Golf Course
Spencer, Iowa 51301


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