The past couple of weeks have been the farthest we can be from golf weather.  This is always a worrisome time of year when there is minimal snow cover on the greens.  This snow cover is necessary for the insulation it provides the bentgrass.  The warmer upcoming temperatures will hopefully provide some snow melt giving the greens a little bit of moisture.
The past couple of weeks I have finished work on the new budget and 2018 Five Year Business Plan.  I will present this plan during the January 26 finance and personnel meetings.  I am excited to move forward and continue the success at the golf course.
I have been preparing my end of the year documents which help me track employee hours.  The policy is to limit part time staff hours to 1500 hours from April 1 to the end of March the following year.  This can be very challenging, since I am the only full time employee at the golf department but it has been accomplished.
Here is a list of January 1-December 31 hours for the past three years:
Golf Course Grounds- 2015=4895, 2016=4567, 2017=4700
Golf Club House- 2015=4272, 2016=4036, 2017=4051
Brian- 2015=2673, 2016=2563, 2017=2567
As you can see, the annual hours are pretty consistent from year to year.  Weather is definitely the number one factor closely followed by how busy is the golf course.  I am very fortunate to have a staff that love working at the golf course.  They are definitely the key to our success.
In the upcoming days, I will start the reel sharpening and equipmentance maintenance schedule.  I will go through each machine and make the necessary repairs, service, and sharpen.  This is a very thorough process in order to have each piece of equipment ready for the start of the 2018 golf season.
​The water quality project is pretty much finished at the golf course.  It has been a success and I am excited to see how the surface drainage works this coming spring.  The tile work has also been an improvement.  The main tile, coming from the south farm property, is still running water as of this morning.  That is just crazy.​

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