This past week Ryan Lux came out to the golf course to help me with stump removal.  In total, we removed 24 tree stumps and hauled the debris to the tree dump.  These areas will be filled with soil and covered with sod in the spring.  These trees were removed from the golf course over the past two years.
Thursday and Friday I helped Ryan remove eleven large poplar trees at the Country Club.  The weather was great and we were able to remove these problematic trees and haul the debris to the tree site.  I plan on using more vacation days to help him remove as many trees as possible before the bad weather arrives.
The great part of a strong working relationship, with the Country Club, is the cost saving we can provide for both golf courses.  The going rate for stump removal is $75 for each one.  The going rate for large tree removal is about $500 per tree.  The math definitely shows the savings for both courses.
In my opinion, it is most important to remove the dead or damaged trees from the course in a timely manner.  This eliminates the liability and safety concerns these trees present.  The stump removal is very time consuming.  If the stumps are cut off at ground level they are not such an eyesore and minimize the safety issue.
DeLoss was on site for a short period of time this week.  They set the pump house on the new foundation and secured with bolts.  This area will be back filled with topsoil bringing the topography up to the new foundation.  It will be dormant seeded yet this off season.  They are very close to finishing their work on the golf course.


I will be taking some vacation time to help Ryan in the next couple of weeks.  I will still be available for meetings or by cell phone.  I will also finish up any work on my end for the water quality project.  Please contact me with any questions or concerns.  Have a wonderful holiday season with your loved ones!

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